Home Loans

Home Loans

There are many types of loans available in the market today. They can be very confusing to you when it comes to choosing the right loans. Below we outline some of the loans offered by banks/lenders. We are accredited by over 20 banks/lenders, and have access to over 200 different loans. We will help you to find the best loan suited to your needs. Contact us now.

  • Basic Home Loan

    Basic variable rate loans are low on interest rates but they have limited features.

  • Introductory Rate

    A lower interest rate for the initial period, ranging from 6 to 24 months, but reverts back to a standard interest rate.

  • Standard Variable Rate

    Standard variable rate loans have more flexibility and features. Features may include offset facility, redraw, extra loan repayment.

  • All in One Loan

    All in one loan acts as a transaction account. This product requires high level of discipline by the borrowers as they have direct access to their repayments/salary credits made into the all in one loan account.

  • Fixed Rate

    Fixed rate loans protect borrowers against interest rate fluctuation and provide peace of mind with fixed repayments over the fixed period. However, fixed rate loans also have restrictions on additional repayments that can be made.

  • Split Loan

    Split loan used as a interest rate risk management strategy. Allows you to split loan into partly fixed and partly variable. Provides certainty of a fixed rate and flexibility of a variable rate.

  • Equity Loan

    Allows borrowers to unlock the equity in their properties.

  • Bridging Loan

    This type of short term loan is required where there is an overlap between property purchased and property sold.

  • Construction Loan

    As name suggests, this is a loan for construction. Construction loan is drawn progressively to align with builder’s progress payment schedule.

  • Low Doc Loan

    Low doc loan are a great solutions for self employed borrowers who can afford the loan repayment, but unable to provide necessary full income evidence required by lenders.